Friday, March 30, 2012

Class Discussion- Topic(s) I've Learned


           There have been many thriving discussions held in our classroom in regards to new media technologies. We have spoke about so many different topics from internet regulation, the 'new book' from ipad, virtual popstars, Smartpens made by Livescribe, and how social media can possibly save lives in Japan. I would have never known about technology being available that would allow your to post messages that can be read by your love ones once you die, or new media literacies.
           Perhaps because I am a college student, I was specifically impressed by the abilities of the smart pen they have created. Basically this pen allows your to record a lecture given by your perfesor. But if this pen only allowed you to record it would be that impressive. Aside from recording, while your reviweing your notes, if there is something you forgot or don't understand, then you can simply touch that spot on your notes and you will be able to hear what your teacher was saying at the exact time when you wrote it. I personally feel this pen wouldbe a great investment throughout anyone's college career.
          Along with the smart pen we recently spoke about a virtual popstar in Japan called Hatsume Miku. Because of the society I was raised in, it is hard for me to grasp the concept of idolizing a computerized image, but I am not judgemental nor narrow minded to the idea. I understand mushc like cartookn caracters, people to enjoy computer generated images. I guess the part that throws me off is buying tickets to go to a concert to see a computer generated image accompanied by a computer generated voice. I admire god- given talent, not man-made talent. If I was to look at it from a sociologist view I would think that depending on the agenda or structure of society, Hatsune Miku may be the greatest thing that happened, especially for conservative countries. If all pop stars were made by computers, then the risk of inappropiate moments would deminish.  For example, these moments may include the infamous Janet Jackson nipple slip during the Superbowl half-time show, M.I.A. putting her middle finger up on live television, or grammy award winner Adele cursing at the British Paparazzi.
         Overall the topics I learned in this class will make me think more about new technologies and the impact they may have on societies.

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