Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Popar Toys incorporate Augmented Reality to make learning 'fun'

        Like most children, I can vividly remember growing up reading children books with the big letters and bold pictures. Although they seemed interesting to me at the time, I know now that was only because I had not been exposed to the recent develpoments in technology. There has been a lot of new developments as the years along with technology has progressed. It seems now developers are interested in making learning 'fun' and 'interactive'. Studies have shown that when a child is more active with their learning they become more engaged; thus obtaining the information more efficiently. Using this knowledge, traditional books are being repaced with leappad learning tablets and Innotabs.
       Following this wave of learning devices are Poplar Toys,a popular toys distributing company, with their new development of educational resources. They have incorporated augmented reality in efforts to better engage the child. Augmented reality is 'the technology of combining real world images, videos, etc. with computer genterated information and/or imagery.' Examples of Augmented reality can include a device that can explain information about something your interested in or something your looking at. You may focus the device on a movie theatre and movie listings along with customer reviews may pop up.
       The goal of Poplar toys is to change the way we experience stories, adventures and learning. They pursure this goal by using augmented reality technology to 'create an immersive reading experience that will allow the user to see incredible, virtually "real" 3D objects and animations that will pop off the book or card.'
       Using the Poplar devices, you are able to play with 3D planets, bugs, and princesses, virtually travel to a space station, etc. The technology they use basically scans the indivdual, along with their toys, and bring them to life by displaying them on a computer screen as a "mirror-like" image. If learning was this fun while I was growing up I would probally be publishing scientic theories at this very moment.

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